The brainstorming portion of any branding endeavor is extremely important. During this project, I was tasked with branding a parcel of land off to the side of a multi-use development. Notably, the space features three large grain silos.

Our stakeholders were determined that the silos should be built out into a renovated walk-up bar with a surrounding yard. The space would also feature a food truck, so the experience for customers would be very simple. They could walk up and grab their drinks and food and return to the yard to lounge and enjoy.

Another key element that our stakeholders conveyed to us was that simplicity was key. They wanted simple but good burgers sold at the food truck, and they wanted feelings of eclectic nostalgia to permeate the whole space.

Color palette & Name

I slowly ironed out details that fit into both my and the stakeholders’ vision. I held onto images of red gingham tablecloths and verdant farm fields as we began visualizing our color palette and brainstormed potential names. 

I pulled out swatches from different pictures on my moodboard that worked with each other and reflected the essence of my brand vision.

I then set to work on naming the silos area through a voting and vetoing process, keeping in mind SEO factors. After weeks of deliberations and input from my stakeholders I chose the name, The Backyard at the Silos.

font choice

The primary font that I chose felt very casual yet still had a lot of energy. My secondary font choice was a typewriter-esque, sans-serif. The second choice was a more direct nod to the brand’s nostalgia.

logo ideas


Knotts Coffee Company was the first project I had sole design responsibility for. This coffee shop occupied commercial space in the Bridgeport multi-use development in Suffolk, Virginia.

While the name, Knotts Coffee Company, had been chosen and the logo had been crowd sourced, it was then my responsibility to create a memorable brand. This included creating mockups of product designs, considering what our graphic styles would be and ironing out some of the softer brand elements such as voice and tone.

I created a brand guide for Knotts Coffee Co. for the team to refer back to throughout social and marketing endeavors.

I chose these fonts for use throughout copy, headings and display text.

I chose this color palette for the Knotts Coffee Co. brand. These colors are exclusively used throughout the company’s marketing efforts.

These icons were selected for use on the website.

I created a series of product mockups to present to the stakeholders. Allowing them to visualize the designs helped expedite decision making.

These were branded designs I created for use on the social platforms.

These were designs created for use on the shop’s merchandise. These phrases conveyed the brand voice effectively.


Blue Hippo Car Wash was a lot off of the Bridgeport development that was built out to include a 137 foot long car wash tunnel and two fully furnished airbnb units above it.

The stakeholders had already crowd sourced a logo but still needed a brand. As I started creating preliminary graphics for the car wash, the stakeholders expressed a desire to have the brand reflect a retrowave aesthetic.

I created a brand guide for the stakeholders, complete with branded font choices, colors and graphic styles. 

I isolated these logo elements for use in designs and other marketing efforts.

I chose these three fonts with the retrowave aesthetic in mind. Good Times font was selected for primary use in display text. Road Rage font was chosen as a secondary display font for stylistic variety. Montserrat font is primarily  for copy text.

The brand colors I chose are used exclusively through Blue Hippo’s designs.


This client came to me in hopes of rebranding his yacht & boat brokerage. They sought a brand that would convey class and professionalism. They had already chosen a logo, but still needed brand elements as well as marketing materials, including business cards.

The fonts chosen for this client needed to reflect the luxury aspect of Piter Marine. Trajan Pro 3 font was selected for the display text, while Gibson font was chosen for use in copy.

The analogous color palette I chose, speaks to the nautical nature of the client’s company.