coffee shop photography

Knotts Coffee Co. is a coffee shop local to Suffolk, VA. When I was brought on, Knotts was still under construction and we didn’t have a definitive opening date. What we did have, was a general idea of what we wanted for the interior design and the concept for the brand’s overall aesthetic. Based off this “vibe” I got to work branding the shop and working to garner a following across social platforms. When the shop eventually opened, our social following quickly became a base of loyal customers. After spending so many months solidifying the Knotts Coffee brand, I had a specific vision for our social content. 

Having had no previous photography experience, my team and I floated the thought that we could enlist staff to capture the essence of the shop on a daily basis, but I was reluctant to this idea. Food related content has so much potential to be powerful on social channels, the fear that it would be done half-heartedly would be a huge disservice to the business. I ended up borrowing my mom’s Canon Rebel that had been collecting dust in her closet and enlisted help in the basics of shooting from a very patient coworker. The result is these pictures taken over a year, a following over 1.1K and an engagement rate over 9%.